The World

Here I sit looking out at the sea considering my brothers and sisters across the ocean. My heart breaks for all those in Japan and the Middle east. The world is in chaos yet the chaos is controlled. I pray that these countries and my own country is realizing who is in control and has the whole world in HIS hand.

I would be frightened or in complete denial if I was not a follower of Christ. I cannot imagine the devastion that is being experienced. I am thankful that God has my whole world in his hand. The bible says many times “Fear Not”. I wonder how those who love the Lord are standing up against the pressure that is mounting against them. I pray right now for the “Spirit” within them testifes to the truth that God holds their world. I pray that God strengthens their feeble arms and weak knees and lifts them out of the mud and the mirk and places them on HIS firm foundation. I feel such a huge burden for my brothers and sisters in Christ and I am petitioning the throne for their grace and mercy during this time.

Every day I lift up these words during my prayer time “Come Lord Jesus Come” when his body is crying out for him in expectation desiring HIS Kingdom above our own he will come. He will come in a tangable way into each person and equip them to do HIS will here on earth as it is in heaven. There are many christians who prefer this kingdom to the one that is to come but I pray that the KING of KING and LORD of LORDS will come and bring HIS literal Kingdom now. I pray for hearts of the people to be ripe and ready to receive his truth so that none would perish. He is not slow to come as some would think of slow. He desires that NONE would perish. I pray that I can be his hands and feet now to each person that is around me and that I would serve him well until he calls me home or comes for his church. Once again I say,
“Come Lord Jesus Come”.

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Mission Team

Many of you may know, we have a team here from Tulsa. This is a great group of young people who are sharing the word up at the banana plantation. Chris, Joshua and I went out with them for a little while yesterday and got to see it in action. The team played and loved on the kids there and shared the gospel with the families on the plantation. There were many who came close to receiving Christ and backed off- pray the spirit would testify the truth of Jesus to each one of these people.

I was able to pray for a lady who is already a christian a sister in Christ who I will see again one day. It looks like the team is having a blast and the kids around the plantation love them. There are so many sweet little smiling faces out there and the people who you pray for all want prayers for their families. They are no different from you and I. The love their kids, want blessings for their families and health as well. I pray that the people there open their hearts to the more that Christ offers and that the discipleship classes that the Tulsa team wants to do are fruitful in that village.

After they get back, they eat an authentic Belizean meal and have worship and devotion time. The locals in Seine Bight come for this which is great because most of them our from our discipleship group. I ask that you would pray for these young people we serve- they face some real challenges and I don’t want those to get in the way of them opening their hearts to Jesus.

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The Reuter families first mission team arrives

So today is 6 weeks since we arrived in Belize. I cannot imagine it has been 6 weeks yet it seems every day of it. Time has a way of passing- doesn’t it.
With the arrival of our group, things began to sift quickly. It was so exciting though to see all these young people giving of their time to serve here in Belize. I already feel blessed to have met them and expect that God will only increase that through the week. I plan on Chris, Joshua and I going out with them to serve with them. This will be wonderful for Joshua and just as wonderful for Chris and I.
Please pay for safety and wonderful fellowship and hearts filled by the presence of God both in the students and those they serve.

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As a women, I feel that the devil uses this one thing as a stumbling block. ENOUGH!
Am I enough?
I will never be enough!
I cannot do enough!
I have had enough!
These are thoughts that I have as I go about my day and critique myself. Yeah! It takes one comment and off the mind goes. How can I ever be ENOUGH? The question is found in the scripture. I am indeed ENOUGH and he has called me complete. I can never be all that to any one person or people groups. I am enough for my king. My husband is my maker, the holy one of Israel is his name. I come before my king with gladness and thanksgiving and in this I am enough.

I will never live up to the expectation you have of me or that I have for myself. In fact, don’t look to me for what you need-look to your maker. The same one who has called me and knows every hair on my hand-who engraved me on his palm- He knows you and what you need. Being a women is hard, heck being human is hard but God knows us and his son Jesus walked this same earth. We have a high priest and king who walked this walk and did it with perfection. He was ENOUGH and still is enough for me. So I push forward to win the prize that is for me in Christ Jesus- Sorry- I will never be enough to all people but I am already enough for my King. So devil take your stinking thinking and get out of my thought life.

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One Year

One year:

How things can change in just one year. This time last year, I had just met The Blair’s. I was not even aware that they were looking for a young couple to help them here at In His Palms. It was on March 22 that I found this out and at that point began to pray for God’s clear direction in this. Here it is March 10, only days away from serving our first mission team. It is just amazing all that God has done in and through us this last year. I cannot even explain all that had to occur in order for us to be here but you can read that journey at

I was working out and thinking about what a “Radical” Christian looks like. My husband and I are reading a wonderful book called “Radical” Taking back Christianity from the American Dream by David Platt. We are reading about radical Christians who gave it all and had a passion for the people they went to serve. Some people are given a passion for a people group and others are given a mission and the mission inspires passion for those they serve. Since I began praying about moving here to serve in Belize, I have prayed for a passion for the people of Belize. What is this passion? For me it is a desire to put God and serving above what I want in this life- My desire in that Christ be known and glorified and that transfers into a passion for the lost souls around me. Is that Radical- I think it just might be.

If you had told me I would be in Belize in 2009, I would have laughed wondering who you were talking to. Yet here I am! Never doubt what God can do with a heart broken and surrendered seeking and saying, “Here I am Lord, Use me”.

If we are truly at war, and we are- Will I choose a luxury liner mentality or a war-time vessel? I have read this line two times this week and will follow this line of thinking –I am going to take the war-time vessel and pray to save those who are going to suffer and die separated forever from LOVE itself. This reminded me of a dream I had where a boat was sinking and Chris and I were going into a raging sea to try to save people. This was right before God awoke me at 3am to give me in this scripture “Fear not, for I will make you fishers of men”. May God be glorified and Jesus Christ lifted up to the nations. I pray that each of you reading this will consider the battle that you are in and get on the War Vessel and fight in your territory for those who are lost and will die apart from Christ if you do not go and share and serve. May you all take up your armor and “Go and fight”. Lord the harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Bless the nations with your Holy Spirit power. Go now and stir up zeal precious Holy Spirit. For yours is the Kingdom and the Power and the Glory- AMEN and Amen

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Is God’s will overwhelming?

This is the question I am asking myself? If it is God’s will, should it overwhelm me?  The answer is “no”!  If it is God’s will, he will achieve his will with or without me.  I get to choose to be apart of his will and therefore let him work through me.  I believe it is when we add ourselves as a common denominator that we get overwhelmed.  God is the denominator and we can achieve nothing apart from him.

  This “nothing” that I can achieve is hard for a person like myself.  I always thought I could achieve whatever I set my mind to.  I have learned that is not the case at all.  If it is not God’s will for me, I can achieve nothing. Nothing apart from what he allows me to achieve in his strength.  All this rambling is to say that I lay down anything that overwhelms me as it related to God’s will in my life. I can and will achieve all that is God’s will in my life. With that thought I rest in HIS completion.

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Who am I that you are mindful of me?

I am a friend of God-I am a friend of God- He has called me friend!  and not just his friend but more than a conqueror.  Something struck me this morning when I was reading the bible-Jesus said-that we could do things just like he did- LOVE!  I think this is what he was directly speaking to. We have been given the Holy Spirit as a deposit -and through this we have been given the gift of loving as Christ loved the church.  WOW! what a  gift and what a responsibility.  Do I do this well?  Can I even pretend to do this on my own?  I dare say NO!!!

I want to love people but only in my love for Christ and his love through me am I able to do this.  Who am I that he is mindful of me?  I am the beloved of Christ and he is my beloved.  I can show his love for me by how I respond to others in my daily life.  I fall short so many times but yet my loving father never does.  May you experience this amazing love and remember that he has called you his friend.

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Belizian Days

Today is a cloudy day in Belize but it is warm with some occasional sunshine. I think I need to get out and about today. Going a little stir crazy and missing home too. I think it is Saturday. I always get a little stir crazy on Saturday. Everyone loves Saturday’s what is wrong with me?

What do you do on Saturday? I have a crippled husband- he got a splinter in his foot on Monday and he has not stayed off his foot this week. It is now looking a little infected so I want him to rest. There is a Art Festival in Placencia today perhaps we can go and check that out but that means walking.

If the sun would come out, we could lay out or snorkle. I am praying for sun. Of course, I need to work out so perhaps I should go do that. Can you imagine being in a tropical climate and talking like this. I must get out and do something soon.

Have a great day and have some fun.

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A New Begining

Well In His Palms and Nautical Inn has some new arrivals. The Reuter’s all the way from Gainesville, GA to spread the love of Christ to the people of Belize and all those who will be around to visit with us.

On Jan 30th 2011 we arrived here to the lovely country of Belize. It has been an adjustment but God has been good to allow us peace as we transition. Now let me say that opposition has been there. I will not go into all the details but all had not been smooth. We are sure in our hearts if Gods call on our lives and the peace he gives in return lets us know we are IN the Palm of HIS hands.

I plan on trying to update you all through this blog and let you know how the ministry is growing. We are believing God for some wonderful things in the months to come. Already I have seen the young women that God has called me to serve. We have at least 10 young women at out group each week. I pray that God draws my heart to the ONE I have been praying for the last few months. Chris has begun to make friendships with some local men and we are trusting God to creat Kingdom Connections to further grow the ministry.

Please pray for a smooth transition and for the body of Christ to be united in this part of the world. May God get the glory and help us to always lay our agenda and pride at the door.

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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